5 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Carpet 

There’s nothing more comforting than setting your foot in a warm, soft and comfortable carpet. Aside from the aesthetics value that a carpet brings into a house, nothing beats the comfort and noise absorption it makes. So when you decide to buy a carpet, make sure that it suits your lifestyle, budget and the costs you’re willing to spend for the maintenance.  

To make your carpet buying guide complete, the following things should be considered. The style, design, color and texture are important things and other things like the following should be considered too.  

1. Warranty 

Since a carpet is a great investment, you should ask the manufacturer about the warranty you’re getting from the carpet. There are many warranties you can get from, like 5 or 10 year warranty, wear and stain warranty and even crushing and matting warranty. Generally speaking, if you get a good quality carpet, there’s a big chance that you will get a more coverage on the warranty too.  

But don’t let a warranty be a basis for buying the carpet. There are warranties that are defined as bald spot and once you complained the manufacturers say the warranty is not applicable. Choosing the carpet contractor like,, matters too; because most of complaints came from the improper installation.  

2. Patterns and Color 

If you’re really into aesthetics, the patterns and colors are important too. Actually, this is considered as the most challenging part of carpet buying because there are lots of options to choose from. To avoid being confused, match the color of the carpet to the overall shade of the room. If you want a calm mood, you can try out the greens and cool blues. If you want to make the small room feel larger, try the light colors like tan and cream. If you want to create a cozier space, try golden shades and warm reds.  

3. Stair Carpeting 

If you’re buying a carpet for the stair, be critical. To successfully buy one, consider the density. Feel the sample of the carpet, if you feel that the fibers are easily separated; that might not work best for the stains. The cut-pile carpet is a good choice for the stair carpeting. The woven wool carpet is also a good choice for the stairs because it is durable, since the stair receives high traffic it should resist wear and tear in the early years.  

4. Environment-Friendly Carpets 

The material of the carpet can also affect the health of the family and the quality of air you breathe, surprising but it’s a fact. Choose the type of carpet that protects the health of your family that’s made from organic products like jute and wool. There are also carpets made from water bottles, recycled carpeting and other materials that are renewable.  

5. Carpeting or Area Rugs?  

The carpet has lots of benefits. It’s a protection for kids from accidental slips and falls, it muffles the sounds of the footsteps and provides comfort and warmth for your feet. However, it’s prone to dust and mites so it’s a problem for people with allergies. Sometimes you don’t need a carpet for the entire room, just an area rug.