Does Stamped Concrete Fade?

A stamped concrete does need some conventional maintenance such as removing stains, clearing debris and many more. The ideal protection you may give your stamped concrete in order to protect its sheen and color is by applying a sealer.  

Stamped Concrete

Your professional concrete contractor is the one that can give you the best recommendation of what sealer should be utilized. As a matter of fact, there are some found on the market which are best for particular types of concrete as well as for concrete in particular places (high vehicle traffic versus high foot traffic). 

Resealing the concrete must be part of the task as well. Your professional concrete contractor can even give you offer for maintenance services. In addition to that, you may expect to reseal the concrete every two to three years in order to maintain the concrete in its best possible condition. The color of the stamped concrete can begin to fade over time. Fortunately, there are this ultraviolet protectant sealers which can lessen and virtually get rid of the fading due to exposure to sunlight. 

How to Maintain your Stamped Concrete? 

A stamped concrete may last for decades or even longer when properly maintained and installed. Even when exposed to rough conditions such as heavy traffic or severe weather, the stamped concrete will remain strong, provided that some conventional maintenance is followed. The following are some methods that stamped concrete may be affected in order to help make sure that it stays as long as possible: 

Applyprotective sealers – Applying several coats of protective sealers may help block the penetrating dirt, oil and grease stains, deicing chemicals and some other chemicals. Aside from that, a sealer may also make your concrete a lot easier to clean, can help prevent the fading of color and sheen from sunlight exposure and can enhance coloring on the surface. 

Apply color hardener to the surface– It does not onlygive color to the stamped concrete surface but also, it makes the surface tougher and a lot resistant to penetration and abrasion. 

Protection from freeze-thaw damage– Some outcomes of freeze-thaw damage may be certainly devastating to the stamped concrete appearance and that includes ugly flaking or scaling of the surface, as well as cracking and pop outs. Concrete mixes may be designed in order to withstand this damage.

Install the correct mix– Make sure thatyour professional concrete contractor uses a concrete mix which can endure some harsh conditions it’ll be exposed to. No protective coating or sealer on the market that can compensate for concrete that is not strong to start with. 

Do not use de-icing salts– Most especially on the first winter days, de-icing salts must not be used on your stamped concrete. As a matter of fact, these de-icing salts may result to failure of the sealer leading to a white, hazy-looking and then may progress to a gradual separation of the sealer from the stamped concrete.

And lastly, most professional contractor of stamped concrete in Kansas City will offer maintenance programs in order to keep the appearance of the concrete in top shape for a longer period of time.